Top fake Rolex and Luxury Watch Moments of 2022

It’s time to take a look back at the year and the biggest trends and moments of 2022. Between some highly anticipated new products and some truly incredible auction results, 2022 was quite a noteworthy year in the world of luxury watches. So, what are the best-selling models on our site? How about top dial colors and metal options? And what are the most popular stories, videos and posts on our social media channels?
Given that we are the world’s leading online source for pre-owned Rolex watches and that stainless steel Rolex models are almost unattainable at the retail level, it’s no surprise that a steel Rolex took the top spot as the best-selling watch of 2022. Overall, the stainless steel Rolex Submariner 116610 is the top-selling rolex replica watches, with the classic all-black version vastly outperforming its green “Hulk”

As our best-selling watch this year is the Submariner 116610LN, and that the new 36mm Rolex Explorer is coming out this year, it makes sense that black would be our top dial color for 2022. Classic, timeless and the color of choice for Rolex’s legendary sports watches, black is consistently one of the most popular dial color options each year. With that in mind, blue is a close second as the best-selling dial color of the year, which doesn’t surprise us at all considering the universally praised versatility of this classic dial color option.
Stainless steel is a favorite metal choice for many watch collectors because of its practicality and acceptable price point, and the past year has been as popular as ever for steel watches. While stainless steel took the top metal spot in 2022, two-tone steel and gold came in a surprisingly close second. Historically, stainless steel quality replica watches will outsell their bi-metal counterparts by a wide margin, but this year came close to proving that bi-colored watches are officially trending.

Typically, images of Rolex’s various sports watches get the most likes, but this image of a vintage 1503 with a solid 14k yellow gold Jubilee strap got over 10,000 likes. These classic Rolex models are the definition of timeless style, and if Instagram likes are any indicator, vintage Rolexes in solid gold are more popular than ever.
We always tell people to purchase what they like, but the investment potential of Rolex watches is undeniable and it’s increasingly becoming a crucial element for collectors. We now live in a world where many pre-owned Rolex models are selling for two to three times more than their original new retail price, and it is becoming increasingly important for buyers to buy watches wisely.