Grand Strike of AP Replica Watches

The AP replica watches are too complicate in a mechanical watch or timepiece which blends a passing quarter striking mechanism with a repeater. That is, when it start the time we can hear the voice, it just likes a gong striking. and then the number of quarter-hours since the hour on a second gong. The hour and quarter strikes can also be activated on demand at the push of a button. The hours and quarters chime ‘en passant’, or as they pass. In contrast, a strikes bell the hours and quarters in passing without repeating the hours at each quarter.

The size is old style 39mm for a AP watch. it’s a charming  rose gold and one of a limit the quantity of 50 watches. So, no too many people to buy it, and it’s rare and precious. This fake watch was part of the first series of Grande Sonneries made by Audemars Piguet in 1995. The rose gold case is 39mm, polished and brushed. And The dial is white, the strap is black, it made for special leather.

The replicas of this watch share the closed function and same appearance. It looks nice too.